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Album: Silent Hill 4 The Room [free mp3]

Release: 2004 year
Artist: Akira Yamaoka
Album Tracks: 22 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Silent Hill 4 The Room download


File Size      #
1. Akira Yamaoka - Tender Sugar.mp3 (8.32mb) download
2. Akira Yamaoka - Into The Depths Of Self Discovery.mp3 (4.39mb) download
3. Akira Yamaoka - Cradel Of Forest.mp3 (9.77mb) download
4. Akira Yamaoka - Resting Comfortably.mp3 (1.28mb) download
5. Akira Yamaoka - Nightmarish Waltz.mp3 (4.75mb) download
6. Akira Yamaoka - Pulsating Ambience.mp3 (4.63mb) download
7. Akira Yamaoka - Your Rain.mp3 (7.07mb) download
8. Akira Yamaoka - The Last Mariachi.mp3 (2.44mb) download
9. Akira Yamaoka - Wounded Warsong.mp3 (4.81mb) download
10. Akira Yamaoka - Underground Dawn -Never Come.mp3 (3.32mb) download
11. Akira Yamaoka - Fever Chill.mp3 (3.72mb) download
12. Akira Yamaoka - Waverer.mp3 (4.37mb) download
13. Akira Yamaoka - Remodeling.mp3 (4.37mb) download
14. Akira Yamaoka - Room Of Angel.mp3 (10.73mb) download
15. Akira Yamaoka - Waiting For You ~lve At Heaven's Night~ (Unreleased Tunes).mp3 (9.50mb) download
16. Akira Yamaoka - Fortunate Sleep -Noone Disturb Her Dead.mp3 (3.18mb) download
17. Akira Yamaoka - Melancholy Requiem.mp3 (5.83mb) download
18. Akira Yamaoka - Confinement.mp3 (3.69mb) download
19. Akira Yamaoka - Drops Of Silence.mp3 (4.23mb) download
20. Akira Yamaoka - The Suicidal Clock Chime.mp3 (1.77mb) download
21. Akira Yamaoka - Silent Circus.mp3 (4.40mb) download
22. Akira Yamaoka - Traversing The Portals Of Reality.mp3 (3.09mb) download

Album: Silent Hill 2 [free mp3]

Release: 2001 year
Artist: Akira Yamaoka
Album Tracks: 30 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Silent Hill 2 download


File Size      #
1. Akira Yamaoka - Theme Of Laura.mp3 (5.11mb) download
2. Akira Yamaoka - White Noiz.mp3 (2.10mb) download
3. Akira Yamaoka - Forest.mp3 (2.59mb) download
4. Akira Yamaoka - A World Of Madness.mp3 (2.68mb) download
5. Akira Yamaoka - Ordinary Vanity.mp3 (2.50mb) download
6. Akira Yamaoka - Promise (Reprise).mp3 (2.63mb) download
7. Akira Yamaoka - Ashes and Ghost.mp3 (4.71mb) download
8. Akira Yamaoka - Null Moon.mp3 (4.26mb) download
9. Akira Yamaoka - Heavens Night.mp3 (3.12mb) download
10. Akira Yamaoka - Alone In The Town.mp3 (3.49mb) download
11. Akira Yamaoka - The Darkness That Lurks In Our Mind.mp3 (1.90mb) download
12. Akira Yamaoka - Angels Thanatos.mp3 (4.95mb) download
13. Akira Yamaoka - The Day Of Night.mp3 (2.44mb) download
14. Akira Yamaoka - Block Mind.mp3 (1.81mb) download
15. Akira Yamaoka - Magdalene.mp3 (2.82mb) download
16. Akira Yamaoka - Fermata In Mystic Air.mp3 (3.42mb) download
17. Akira Yamaoka - Prisome Fairytale.mp3 (2.87mb) download
18. Akira Yamaoka - Live Psalm.mp3 (6.67mb) download
19. Akira Yamaoka - Silent Heaven.mp3 (3.35mb) download
20. Akira Yamaoka - Noone Love You.mp3 (2.31mb) download
21. Akira Yamaoka - The Reverse Will.mp3 (5.35mb) download
22. Akira Yamaoka - Laura Plays The Piano.mp3 (2.88mb) download
23. Akira Yamaoka - Terror In The Depths Of The Fog.mp3 (6.80mb) download
24. Akira Yamaoka - True.mp3 (4.68mb) download
25. Akira Yamaoka - Betrayal.mp3 (3.76mb) download
26. Akira Yamaoka - Black Fairy.mp3 (1.81mb) download
27. Akira Yamaoka - Theme Of Laura (Reprise).mp3 (2.79mb) download
28. Akira Yamaoka - Overdose Delusion.mp3 (6.80mb) download
29. Akira Yamaoka - Pianissimo Epilogue.mp3 (2.43mb) download
30. Akira Yamaoka - Promise.mp3 (7.01mb) download

Album: Silent Hill 1 [free mp3]

Release: 1999 year
Artist: Akira Yamaoka
Album Tracks: 45 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Silent Hill 1 download


File Size      #
1. Akira Yamaoka - Silent Hill.mp3 (3.64mb) download
2. Akira Yamaoka - All.mp3 (1.62mb) download
3. Akira Yamaoka - The Wait.mp3 (0.16mb) download
4. Akira Yamaoka - Until Death.mp3 (1.14mb) download
5. Akira Yamaoka - Over.mp3 (2.32mb) download
6. Akira Yamaoka - Devils Lyric.mp3 (1.76mb) download
7. Akira Yamaoka - Rising Sun.mp3 (0.95mb) download
8. Akira Yamaoka - For All.mp3 (2.99mb) download
9. Akira Yamaoka - Follow The Leader.mp3 (0.88mb) download
10. Akira Yamaoka - Claw Finger.mp3 (1.57mb) download
11. Akira Yamaoka - Hear Nothing.mp3 (1.56mb) download
12. Akira Yamaoka - Children Kill.mp3 (0.33mb) download
13. Akira Yamaoka - Killed By Death.mp3 (1.50mb) download
14. Akira Yamaoka - Dont Cry.mp3 (1.86mb) download
15. Akira Yamaoka - The Bitter Season.mp3 (1.51mb) download
16. Akira Yamaoka - Moonchild.mp3 (3.17mb) download
17. Akira Yamaoka - Never Again.mp3 (0.77mb) download
18. Akira Yamaoka - Fear Of The Dark.mp3 (1.23mb) download
19. Akira Yamaoka - Half Day.mp3 (0.80mb) download
20. Akira Yamaoka - Heaven Give Me Say.mp3 (1.80mb) download
21. Akira Yamaoka - Far.mp3 (1.35mb) download
22. Akira Yamaoka - Ill Kill You.mp3 (3.33mb) download
23. Akira Yamaoka - My Justice For You.mp3 (1.38mb) download
24. Akira Yamaoka - Devils Lyric 2.mp3 (0.43mb) download
25. Akira Yamaoka - Dead End.mp3 (0.34mb) download
26. Akira Yamaoka - Aint Gonna Rain.mp3 (1.59mb) download
27. Akira Yamaoka - Nothing Else.mp3 (0.87mb) download
28. Akira Yamaoka - Alive.mp3 (0.58mb) download
29. Akira Yamaoka - Never Again.mp3 (1.14mb) download
30. Akira Yamaoka - Die.mp3 (1.15mb) download
31. Akira Yamaoka - Never End, Never End, Never End.mp3 (0.81mb) download
32. Akira Yamaoka - Down Time.mp3 (1.66mb) download
33. Akira Yamaoka - Kill Angels.mp3 (1.29mb) download
34. Akira Yamaoka - Only You.mp3 (1.28mb) download
35. Akira Yamaoka - Not Tomorrow 1.mp3 (0.89mb) download
36. Akira Yamaoka - Not Tomorrow 2.mp3 (1.78mb) download
37. Akira Yamaoka - My Heaven.mp3 (3.97mb) download
38. Akira Yamaoka - Tears Of....mp3 (4.07mb) download
39. Akira Yamaoka - Killing Time.mp3 (3.88mb) download
40. Akira Yamaoka - She.mp3 (3.06mb) download
41. Akira Yamaoka - Esperndote.mp3 (7.02mb) download
42. Akira Yamaoka - Silent Hill (Otherside).mp3 (1.96mb) download
43. Akira Yamaoka - Silent Hill Bloopers.mp3 (1.72mb) download
44. Akira Yamaoka - Ufo Ending.mp3 (2.72mb) download
45. Akira Yamaoka - Silent Hill Pianissimo.mp3 (3.16mb) download

Album: Ifuturelist [free mp3]

Release: 0 year
Artist: Akira Yamaoka
Album Tracks: 17 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Ifuturelist download


File Size      #
1. Akira Yamaoka - The Policy Of The Ifuturelist Party.mp3 (0.97mb) download
2. Akira Yamaoka - Love Me Do.mp3 (4.97mb) download
3. Akira Yamaoka - Ifuturelist.mp3 (5.38mb) download
4. Akira Yamaoka - Tant Pis Pour Toi.mp3 (4.71mb) download
5. Akira Yamaoka - Injection Of Love.mp3 (7.06mb) download
6. Akira Yamaoka - Empty Of The Sky.mp3 (5.50mb) download
7. Akira Yamaoka - Maria.mp3 (4.64mb) download
8. Akira Yamaoka - Adjust Rain.mp3 (6.86mb) download
9. Akira Yamaoka - Rislim.mp3 (3.77mb) download
10. Akira Yamaoka - Mad Season.mp3 (8.45mb) download
11. Akira Yamaoka - Lion Friend.mp3 (3.60mb) download
12. Akira Yamaoka - Lion Lover.mp3 (6.33mb) download
13. Akira Yamaoka - Bitmania.mp3 (5.02mb) download
14. Akira Yamaoka - April Fool S Song.mp3 (6.20mb) download
15. Akira Yamaoka - Heavenly Sun.mp3 (11.00mb) download
16. Akira Yamaoka - Lolita On Breaks Mix.mp3 (10.33mb) download
17. Akira Yamaoka - System Love 7.5.5.mp3 (5.55mb) download

[ Young Money: Bedrock ]

Artist: Young Money
Song: Bedrock

I can make your bedrock
I can make your bedrock, girl
I can make your bedrock
I can make your bedrock

She got that good, good, she Michael Jackson Bad
I'm attracted to her for her attractive ass
And now we murderers because we kill time
I knock her lights out and she still shine

I hate to see her go but I love to watch her leave
But I keep her running back and forth like a soccer team
Cold as a winter day, hot as a summer's eve
Young Money thieves, steal your heart with ease

I like the way you walk and if you walking my way
I'm that Red Bull, now let's fly away
Let's buy a place with all kind of space
I let you be the judge and I'm the case

I'm Gudda Gudda, I put her under
I see me with her, no Stevie Wonder
She don't even wonder 'cause she know she bad
And I got her nigga, grocery bag

Oh baby, I be stuck to you like glue
Baby, wanna spend it all on you
Baby, my room is the G spot, call me Mr. Flintstone
I can make your bedrock

I can make your bedrock
I can make your bedrock, girl
I can make your bedrock
I can make your bedrock

Okay, I get it, let me think, I guess it's my turn
Maybe it's time to put this pussy on your sideburns
He say I'm bad, he probably right
He pressing me like button downs on a Friday night

I'm so pretty like, me on my pedal bike
He on my low scrunch, he on my echo whites
He say, "Nicki, don't stop, you the bestest"
And I just be coming off the top as bestest

I love your sushi roll, hotter than wasabi
I race for your love, shake and bake Ricky Bobby
I'm at the W but I can't meet you in the lobby
Girl, I gotta watch my back 'cause I'm not just anybody

I seen 'em stand in line just to get beside her
I let her see the Aston and let the rest surprise her

That's when we disappear you need GPS to find her
Oh, that was your girl? I thought I recognized her

Oh baby, I be stuck to you like glue
Baby, wanna spend it all on you
Baby, my room is the G spot, call me Mr. Flintstone
I can make your bedrock

I can make your bedrock
I can make your bedrock, girl
I can make your bedrock
I can make your bedrock

She like tanning, I like staying in
She like romancing, I like rolling with friends
She said I'm caged in, I think her conscious is
She watching that Oxygen, I'm watching ESPN

But when that show end, she all on my skin
Lotion, slow emotion, roller coasting like back forth, hold it
She pose like it's for posters and I poke like I'm suppose to
Take this photo if you for me, she said, "Don't you ever show this"

I'm too loyal and too focused
To be losing and be hopeless, when I spoke this, she rejoiced it
Said your word, get me open, so I closed it
Where your clothes is, I'm only loving for the moment

Uh, she ain't got a man but she's not alone
Miss independent, yeah, she got her own
Hey gorgeous, mean flawless, well, that's what you are
How I see it is how I call it, yeah

Look it how she walk, she know she bad
Do, do your thing, baby, I ain't even mad
And I ain't even fast, I'm a stay a while
Hold yo' head Chris, I'm a take her down

Oh baby, I be stuck to you like glue
Baby, wanna spend it all on you
Baby, my room is the G spot, call me Mr. Flintstone
I can make your bedrock

I can make your bedrock
I can make your bedrock, girl
I can make your bedrock
I can make your bedrock

Tyga, Drizzy Drake, Nicki Minaj
Hey, Shanell and Young Lloyd
It's Young Mula, baby

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